About GWE Biogas

GWE Biogas was established in 2008 by business partners Tom Megginson and Mathew Girking and operates one of the largest and most technically advanced Anaerobic Digester (AD) sites in the UK.

Situated near Driffield in East Yorkshire, the plant takes in food waste from across the UK and converts it into to renewable energy in the form of biogas and electricity. Over the course of a year, we create enough electricity to power 4,000 homes, making our plant an important part of the UK’s renewable energy mix.

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Our processes also produce a renewable, nutrient-rich biofertiliser which is more cost effective and sustainable than traditional nitrogen-based products, and often results in higher yields. Our digestate fertiliser is fully compliant with PAS 110 and the Anaerobic Digestion Quality Protocol, ensuring it corresponds with the highest industry standards.

Although we primarily specialise in food waste disposal and destruction, here at GWE Biogas we can dispose of all forms of waste in an environmentally sustainable way, with absolutely no waste going to landfill.

If you would like to discuss your food waste disposal, or general waste disposal requirements with us, please get in touch.


About anaerobic digestion

How we use anaerobic digestion to destroy all of your food waste in the most environmentally friendly way by converting it into renewable biogas and biofertiliser.

All-in-one solutions

We tailored a solution for a national food manufacturer to manage all food waste and recycling needs. We streamlined their operations and saved money

Next day collection across UK

We offer a full-service logistics solution that enables us to collect food waste from anywhere in the UK, which led to a deal with a national food supplier

Our permits and certificates

GWE Biogas turns your food waste into green energy. To do that, we have conform to certain regulations so here are all our necessary permits and certificates