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The Virtuous Circle

As a producer of renewable energy and biofertiliser, we believe GWE Biogas has strong environmental credentials and a great, green story to tell.

Nowhere is this demonstrated more than our partnership with Yorkshire Greens, a carbon-neutral vegetable processing plant currently under construction on land adjacent to our Anaerobic Digester.

Once operational, the plant will process peas grown in the region by 40-strong farming co-operative the Swaythorpe Growers.

The relationship between GWE Biogas and Yorkshire Greens couldn’t be closer. Many of the peas they will process have been grown using our biofertiliser. We will take all the food waste produced as part of the pea processing operations which will be used to create more biofertiliser, biogas and electricity. The electricity that we produce will then directly power the pea processing plant.

It is a holistic, interdependent relationship which will enable Yorkshire Greens to be entirely carbon-neutral from launch. It is also a project that we at GWE Biogas are extremely proud to be part of.