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Digestate Fertiliser

As well as producing biogas, Anaerobic Digestion also produces a nutrient-rich biofertiliser. The fertiliser is a cost effective and renewable alternative to manufactured fertilisers. Not only does it save farmers significant amounts on their input costs, it has also been seen to increase crop yields, due to increased organic matter and microbial activity with in the soil.

Our digestate costs significantly less than bagged and liquid fertiliser, but here at GWE Biogas we go one better than that. As part of a supply deal, we will apply the biofertiliser on the customer’s behalf, saving farmers both time and spreading costs at busy times of the year.

We have invested in the latest GPS spreading technology and can spread from 12-36m in and out of tramlines, at rates controlled by in-line nutrient analysis on the move.  We assess each job beforehand and can tailor spreading equipment to meet the farm and fields needs.

The biofertiliser we produce is high quality, consistent and natural as it contains no fossils fuels. What it does contain, however, is high concentrations of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which are essential for healthy crop development and high yields. It fully complies with the standards set out in the Quality Protocol and PAS110 regulations, meaning farmers can be confident it meets the highest industry and environmental standards.

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Start saving money and increasing your yield

Not only will our biofertiliser save you money on your input costs, it has also been seen to increase crop yields. And if that wasn’t reason enough, we will even come to your farm and apply it ourselves, saving you both time and spreading costs.

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