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Food waste processing and destruction

At GWE Biogas, we have been processing food waste since 2010 and over that time have learned a lot about effective food waste destruction. We offer commercial food waste disposal services including:

  • All bulk organic wastes, whether packaged or clean
  • All types of palletised food waste, including product in glass and cans
  • Raw or cooked meat and fish
  • Sachets and stick packs containing ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, etc.
  • Cooked food and ready meals
  • Bread and pastry
  • Liquids – milk and soft and alcoholic drinks
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds
  • Cereals
  • All dairy products
  • Any ABPR Category 3 animal by-product.

All food waste processed by GWE Biogas goes towards the production of biogas and electricity which is fed into the National Grid. No waste processed at our plant goes to landfill, which helps our customers fulfil their environmental obligations.

All food waste is destroyed within 48 hours of reaching the plant. We provide completely traceability of the waste we destroy, including, as required, CCTV and video footage of your waste being processed and Certificates of Destruction once the process is complete.

As well as food waste disposal and destruction, our site is set up to manage and process all your industrial and commercial waste including cardboard, plastic, glass and mixed packaging. All non-food waste is processed in an environmentally sustainable way with none going to landfill.

Although the majority of our customers prefer to deliver their waste to us, we offer a UK-wide waste collection service. For more details about the collection service, or our food and non-food waste disposal processes, please contact Chris Young at or on 01377 229425.


About anaerobic digestion

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Our permits and certificates

GWE Biogas turns your food waste into green energy. To do that, we have conform to certain regulations so here are all our necessary permits and certificates